Unemployment Compensation Print

Claims services for Unemployment Compensation claims go hand in hand with Workers’ Compensation issues. ACR can combine Unemployment Compensation claims services with our other claim service program offerings to provide you with a comprehensive approach to your Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment needs. Our experienced staff can assist you in preparing for those important Unemployment hearings and auditing the related costs.

Some of our Unemployment Compensation services include:

Unemployment Benefit Claim Document Administration

Handling all initial claim notices, base period claim notices, initial determinations, reconsideration decisions and Referee and Board of Review decisions.


Offering advice and assistance to employers on filing appeals.

Unemployment Hearing Attendance

Optional attendance at Unemployment hearings on behalf of the employer plus providing hearing reports.

Record Maintenance

Maintaining records of all claims filed and audit charges made against the employer.

Charge Statement Reports

Providing employers with monthly and quarterly charge statement reports.