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ACR was founded upon the principle of superior client service, and we operate with this mission on a daily basis. Our client base includes a mix of Public and Private Employers with employee populations ranging from 25 to 38,000 employees. ACR has years of experience in assisting clients in successfully managing their Workers’ Compensation claims under a Self-Insured program. Let the ACR staff become your best resource on Workers’ Compensation services issues.

For our Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation clients we offer the following services:

Funding Analysis

ACR’s first objective is to help clients determine the costs benefits of Self Insurance given their unique situation.

Regulatory Compliance

Next we work with our clients to ensure that they fully comply with the regulatory requirements for a Self-Insured risk program.

Customized Claims Management Programs

ACR helps clients establish a customized claims management program that truly meets their needs. This customized program allows clients to determine how much they and their staff want to be involved in the day-to-day management of their claims.

Fiduciary Responsibility

ACR takes our fiduciary responsibility for our clients very seriously. We work with clients to establish a funding process that gives them the ability to audit their Workers’ Compensation related payments on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Claims Management Reporting

We provide a comprehensive menu of reports that gives clients all the necessary financial and claims information for managing their Self-Insured risk.